About Us, the page should say something about the site or site owners. Right?
Currently, our part contains only one member. I am just a beginner.
The purpose of the site is to share stories, share different experience about life and many more. How simple is it? Yes, it is..!
Actually, this was the basic purpose. You are free to share anything. You can share your articles, stories, and blogs with us. Feel free to contact us at any time.
We made a website which is a http://www.readersstop.com/ and this is not just limited to our personal use it is designed for everyone. http://www.readersstop.com/ is for those who want to share their experience which will be expressed in some of the precious moments of their life like some of their inspiring stories, success stories and many more.
And today’s life has become the era of competition. Not a moment too long for anyone to see around. Everyone is just trying to earn lots of money and work like a ROBOT and people think that is the purpose of their life. Nowadays, everyone is trying to make life easier and easier because of more comfort.
Today’s man forgets himself and tries to compete with others and they are living their life. The man in the world, which is very fast growing life he lost himself and became totally selfish. We think that just human’s are the most important than our society
And the result is going to be very destructive in the future of all these things. So we are trying our small contribution against all of this. We have tried to show the way to locate yourself on our website. On this website, you can get information about meditation.
And those who are already aware that they should regard their invaluable knowledge like the precious moments of their life, meditation experience, share with us. This website has been created to give everyone peace of mind and It is our small effort.
And those who experienced beyond all of these they can also share their stories. And your stories will make lots of benefit to our readers.
If anyone loves traveling then they can share their journey and different experiences
We are making attempt to bring all the people together. And try to help each other. We are making a small attempt to reveal the opinion of different topics.
So that’s why we called http://www.readersstop.com/ for our website.