The Ancient History Of Meditation And What Is Meditation

The ancient history of meditation and what is meditation. The history of meditation is very long. Nobody knows the exact historical date when meditation began. The Meditation described by many different Cultures and Religions. Many years ago the meditation was considered something just not meant for modern people, but now it has become very popular with all kind of people. Meditation is the ancient forms of Mental, Spiritual, and Physical health practices. Meditation practices have always been associated with all major religions such as HINDUISM, BUDDHISM, CHRISTIAN, SIKHISM, ISLAM and many others. From the ancient time, Indian sage described what self-realization is. The Indian sage experienced an absolute awareness of his self through meditation practice. After that, the knowledge of meditation used to be handed down from Guru (Teacher) to his disciple (Student). The ancient history of meditation and what is meditation.

Meditation is not going to somewhere else it is just a homecoming it is getting back to your original nature

What Is Meditation

As we all know that something about meditation and spirituality. And spirituality is nothing it just a simple “common sense.” The meditation is Dhyana and Dhyana is a fully concentrated and the fully aware state of mind. the ancient history of meditation and what is meditation. If we do meditation regularly, we can experience peace of mind, good health, inner joy and happiness within us and lots of awareness and we enjoy the Present moment. That is the real power of meditation. Meditation is not the end of goal meditation end goal is to increase the understanding. Regular practice of meditation also helps us to improve our ability to analyze our emotions, mental states, thought pattern and reactions. Meditation is a great tool to understand how our mind works and when we understand the workings of our mind we can make changes in our thinking process and make our life better. The ancient history of meditation and what is meditation.

In the meditation, there are lot’s of techniques like

1) Vipassana

2) Zen Meditation

3)Mindfulness Meditation

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