Thought You Knew Canned Fish You Don’t Know Mackerel

Pressed in a can like … mackerel? While fish and salmon rule as the USA’s most loved canned seafoods and sardines have for some time been known to be advantageous and the best wellbeing decision, another fish has been swimming upstream and becoming famous among fish sweethearts.

Ruler Oscar, the main fish brand known for its premium canned sardines, has seen a blast popular for its premium canned mackerel filets. On account of unrivaled North Atlantic mackerel angled in King Oscar’s conventional fisheries among Norway and the Faroe Islands, King Oscar is conveying a totally different affair to the canned fish walkway of your neighborhood food merchant.

Mackerel offers a similar firm surface of fish, with a mellow taste and a ground-breaking punch of nourishment.

Ruler Oscar presently includes a full lineup of four distinctive mackerel filet formulas, including skinless and boneless filets in olive oil, Mediterranean-style filets with jalapeno peppers, and even mackerel with olive oil and lemon.

The filets are hand-stuffed and offer a superbly mellow option in contrast to canned fish. Regardless of whether they’re added to a serving of mixed greens, a most loved pasta, or even spread on a basic bruschetta, these are a flexible option to any feast.

For fish darlings who are earth cognizant, the new King Oscar line-up is an appreciated takeoff from other fish sources that are not as ecologically inviting. Underscoring this thought is a study that notes seventy-nine percent of customers who eat fish say that reasonable sourcing is an imperative spark when settling on choices at the checkout line.

Ruler Oscar was as of late granted Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of Custody accreditation for its utilization of practical fish that is discernible to the source. MSC is a standout amongst the most experimentally regarded and shopper perceived fishery and store network accreditation programs on the planet. On account of its biologically stable practices from fisheries to canneries, all King Oscar Mackerel Filet items currently convey the MSC blue fish name and are additionally legitimate affirmed, non-GMO, gluten free and stuffed in recyclable, BPA-NI aluminum jars.

“I realize customers are going to cherish our mackerel,” says John Engle, leader of King Oscar USA. “It is a crisp new interpretation of helpful, economical and scrumptious protein. We buckle down to guarantee that our inheritance is one of regard and care for the world’s seas, while conveying new advancements t the American eating regimen.”

Ruler Oscar’s new mackerel lineup is accessible in stores and on the web. Search for the KING OSCAR logo with the blue MSC symbol so you realize you’re purchasing the best.

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