Zen Meditation Techniques and Benefits

What is Zen (Zazen)?

Zen Meditation Techniques and Benefits. Zen meditation is a form of seated meditation normally that uses posture and breathing to free the mind and awaken the spirit. The Zen meditation is pretty similar to Vipassana Meditation. The Buddha is said to have achieved spiritual enlightenment through Zen meditation. Zen (Zazen) Meditation is a different type of meditation. Zen is the practice of coming back to the actual “present moment” self, coming back to the naturalness, the intimacy, and simplicity of our true nature. Zen meditation is not getting lost in life; it about gets in life perfectly with all of its vividness, beauty, hardship, joy, and sorrow. Zen meditation is a path of awakening: awakening to who we really are, what the purpose of our life is and awakening the aspiration to serve others and take responsibility for all of life. That’s why Zen Meditation Techniques and Benefits we have to learn.

what is zazen meditation

Zen is very simple meditation technique. It does not require someone to believe in anything. And in the true spiritual path does not tell people what to believe in; rather it shows them how to think; or, in the case of Zen – what not to think. Zen meditation technique is seating based and when you started doing Zen you letting go words ideas, images and thoughts pass by without getting involved in them. Zen Meditation Techniques and Benefits

How Does Zen Meditation Work?

In Zen Meditation usually, we count each inhalation and each exhalation and due to doing this process our mind became more aware we can enjoy the present moment. We experience a state where the mind is completely silent yet wide awake. It will also increase consciousness. If we do meditation regularly, we can experience peace of mind, good health, inner joy and happiness within us and lots of awareness and we enjoy the Present moment. Meditation is a great tool. Regular practice of meditation also helps us to improve our ability to analyze our emotions, mental states, thought pattern and reactions. Zen Meditation Techniques and Benefits.

The Practice Of Zen Meditation and Benefits

Zen Meditation Techniques and Benefits. It can be done by seated or you can use the chair. zen is returning home and sitting in peace. And Zen is a very simple practice and it does not involve complicated instructions. When someone studies the ancient Zen meditation it is always surprising how brief and plain they are. You can choose a room or just a corner; space should be clean and uncluttered. And another type of comfortable sitting on a cushion or use a bench. If floor sitting is too difficult to use simply a chair.

In the Zen practice, you need to just quietly sit down, stop moving, and let go your thoughts. You just focus on your Zen posture and breathing. keep your back straight. Let your ego and your unconscious mind melt away, merge with the universe. When you are doing Zen Meditation wear loose and clean clothes. And the beginning of a sitting period, there is a traditional to bow to an altar and offer a stick of incense and bow once more. And you stand before your seat bow toward and away from your cushion, bench, or chair. These acts help us to realize intention and respect. Zen Meditation Techniques and Benefits.

The technique of Zen (Zazen)

  • Get a pillow or cushion and sit on that with the cross leg like lotus mudra (it could be half lotus mudra or full lotus mudra) or if you are using a chair put your hand on your lap and put small pillows on your feet means try not to touch your feet to directly on the floor.
  • Fold your hands in the cosmic mudra. Remember your back is straight and close your eyes rest the shoulder you can close your eyes or half-opened.
  • Now relax and calm your mind and concentrate on the breath.
  • Start counting each inhalation and each exhalation, until you get to ten.
  • Again repeat each inhalation and each exhalation.
  • The thought will disturb you but then continue back counting from one again.
  • Do this process about 20 to 30 minute. After some time a stage will appear you do not need to count each inhalation and each exhalation it will be done automatically and you can see your breath.
  • You can feel mind is in thoughtless stage and you are enjoying the present moment. You will need to practice this meditation daily.
  • Zen meditation technique there is no Mantra or any complicated process. Just counting each inhalation and each exhalation it is that simple.
  • After meditation does not leave the room quickly just open your eyes and try you enjoy that present moment and do some little warm up.

For better result do morning and evening and if possible do before you sleep at night.

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